Chand's Frontline Services Pte Ltd

Our Services

Our Services are currently limited to Fiji Islands, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

We believe you shouldn’t have to wait on hold to get an answer to your question. We will handle your issue the right way the first time, and on time.

We provide:

Networking Solutions (Copper & Fiber)


        Our Company is appointed as a "3M Certified Volition Installer".

        We provide End-to-end structured cabling for all your Voice/ Data needs, using Category 6/7 

        cables or Fiber, for your LAN or WAN.

        And Secured wireless solutions for your business, enabling wireless devices (be it mobiles,         tablets, iPads etc…) to access your network securely to improve business productivity.


♦  Network Security

        We are the Authorized Re-Seller for ESET Anti-Malware Products. Protect your users and         systems from viruses and online threats by implementing Web filtering, firewall and antivirus         systems. We will provide installation, configuration and maintenance service.


♦  PC/ Laptop Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance

        Are your PC/ Laptop running slow??? Talk to us today and we could have the system inspected         and provide you with feasible recommendations.


♦  Hardware & Software – New & Upgrades

        Is your equipment running slow or need to the latest software’s??? Talk to us today and we         could have the system inspected and provide you with feasible recommendations.

        We are the Authorized Re-Seller for MYOB Products. Whether you’re a big or small business,         MYOB has intelligent, intuitive tools to make your business life easier. Get better value from         your business software.


♦  Email & Web Hosting Services

        Need a reliable hosting provider??? We provide customized emails and reliable hosting         services. Talk to us today on how we can help your business.


♦  Computer Lab Setup

        Talk to us today regarding the best way to have your schools computer lab setup and up and         running within a short time. From setting up the network to installation of new/re-furbished         PC’s with all the software’s needed to run the computers in the lab.


♦  Windows Server and Active Directory Services Implementation and Maintenance

        Is your business growing and more users are being added to the network??? Are you still on a         Work-group???


        Our server solutions include, server maintenance, File/Print sharing, mapped network drives,         folder security and other standard business needs. Also including Domain Setup and         Configuration. Effectively manage your systems and users from a single point, thus effectively         reducing maintenance time.


♦  I.T. Support

        We provide I.T. Support Services On-Site (at your premises) or Remotely (Over the phone or         other remote means)


♦  Disaster Recovery Solutions

        Are you worried about Data Loss, Cyclone or Fire damages to your premises??? We provide         Data Backup and Recovery Solutions that will give you a peace of mind. Talk to us today and         we could have the system inspected and provide you with feasible recommendations.


♦  Managed I.T. Services

        Complete I.T. systems management and maintenance for a one low fixed monthly price, for a         yearly contract.


♦  CCTV/Video Surveillance

        Are your concerned about your property??? Then we have a solution for you. Talk to us today         and we will provide you with feasible recommendations for CCTV Systems.


♦  Project Management

        We manage projects (big or small) from networking to systems installation to software         installations, etc.