Chand's Frontline Services Pte Ltd

Our Products

3M Copper and Fiber Cabling Products

Our company is appointed 3M Certified Volition Installer. We supply and install 3M Copper and Fiber products. 

ESET Anti-Malware Products

We are the Authorized Re-Seller for ESET Anti-Malware Products. ESET products are the top of the range Anti-Malware products, featuring Antivirus and AntiSpyware, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spam, Web Control, Firewall, Vulnerability Shield and Botnet Protection.

Products design to support Home Users to Enterprise level businesses, Protecting your users and systems from viruses and online threats, 24/7, giving you a peace of mind.

MYOB Products

We are the Authorized Re-Seller for MYOB Products.

Mini PC

Our Mini PC range is the latest in technology, featuring a bare-bone mini computer, power packed with Intel or AMD Processor, Solid State Drive, NVIDIA Graphics (HD) and very low power consumption to fit in any environment and in any workforce.

It's simply a Low Cost, High Quality, High Performance Mini PC